changes...they are a'comin!...

I must apologize if L&F looks a little "wonky" right now...we are making some changes but they are coming in time.  If you could just bare with us for a week or so {and we are crossing our fingers that you will}, hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised about our changes.  We are having some pros take a look around our humble little blog to help us out and we needed to tweak our settings.  We can't wait to see what lies ahead.

We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas...we sure did!  Great times with family and friends with a lot of unexpected surprises.   What a great way to end 2011...and we have a lot of fun things starting in 2012:
  • New Month resolutions:  Year-long resolutions are too hard to keep and to pick just one thing you want to make better in your life is just "caray-zee" so we figure "30 days makes a habit" so expect 12 new resolutions in 2012.
  • Also, our new project "26 x 26" which is 26 new projects for your home under $26.  We wanted to do "52 x 52" but was way too ambitious, so we settled for something every 2 weeks.
  • We are also so pleased to announce that we have 3 new sponsors!  We are so excited to share them on February 2nd!  We've never had "sponsors" before, so this should be interesting :)  We are so excited about them...thanks again for the support!
  • many many more adventures to come... :)

So, there's just a taste of the new L&F changes...thanks for all the support and lovin!  Mwaahh to you all!!!