a clean start...and the 52 week challenge!

So excited for 2012!  My birthday was yesterday...it is so fun to see the "happy birthday" texts roll in at midnight!  This year may have been a new record :) I think it may be the only birthday that people are usually awake at midnight so its pretty special.  We spent the night at home (Jer and I)...the kiddos went to the grandparents house overnight so I had the entire day on Saturday to myself!  And what did I do?  Purged the kiddos rooms for toys and clothes to take to the Goodwill and then took a 5 hour nap with the mutts.  That's right.  5 hours.  I am not ashamed.  J got home from work and we enjoyed a lasagna, dessert, Netflix through the Wii (new obsession=Flashpoint.  My friend Kelsey recommended it and now we are totally hooked), rang in the new year and then headed to bed.  My kind of night!

So our January resolution:  no more Carbs!  Just for January...we want to jump-start a little weight loss so we decided to go no carbs for 4 weeks to see what kind of difference it makes.  I am a little nervous...Jeremiah will be able to go the 4 weeks.  I may last until next Tuesday (if I am really good).

We are also participating in the "More Organized Home 52 Week Challenge." If you rigorously follow the challenge for each week, you will start to ease into habits and not become too overwhelmed according to the experts.  Each week, a new focus in your home will be given...we are participating too!  Spend time cleaning and organizing the specific space in a way that it works for you and your family.  After 52 weeks, your home should be lickety-split and as organized as Martha Stewart!  Well, a girl can dream right?

We will share the challenge each Monday at the bottom of our post that way if you don't want to participate we won't be ramming it down your throat :) Here goes nothing:


Week #1 Organized Home Challenge
Kitchen Organization: Counter tops & Sink

We hope that you all had a safe new years and that you are blessed in 2012!