goin' gray...

No, I am not just talking about my hair color :)  We have finally pinned down the color scheme for our house.  When we first moved in (the same day we closed on our house actually) we had the entire interior painted...top to bottom.  Let's just say we didn't really do a great job picking out our colors!  I mean they are fine, but we were so excited to move in and make a big impact with paint that we didn't take the time to figure out what would work well, what light the light was like, the mood we wanted, etc.  So, now it has been 5 years and we are ready to take the plunge again...into gray.  So soothing, so calming...just what we need.  We get enough natural light and high ceilings to make it work :)  It also looks great with our other color choices:  creamy white, cobalt blue, lavender, celery green, brown, and coral pink. 

We found the PERFECT gray for our house and we can't wait to have the entire interior painted again.  I like some instant gratification, so we are paying to have it done and it only took 8 hours last time.  Picture it...I leave for work with the old colors, and come back to beautiful new home after a long day at the office.  What could be sweeter?  I really think it'll make a BIG difference in the love for our home. 

We are planning for May so don't hold your breathe but we will certainly share what we have planned...our living room is also coming along nicely (but slowly) but I think I really prefer this way of pulling a room together.  Collected.  Thought out.  I have always practiced the art of "just jump in and figure it out later" but this time I am taking a different approach.   And I am liking it!

Have a good Wednesday all!

images courtesy of pinterest, keyword: gray