Can you hear anything?  Maybe just this little birdy chirping :)  My kiddos retreated to the beach today with my fabulous parents till the weekend so the dogs, hamster, and I have the place to ourselves=bliss.  This little bowl-mate was left to me by Paetyn to keep me company.  He is my kind of man: the strong, silent type.

My parents have a cute place in Brookings, Oregon which lies right on the beach close to the California border.  Their back patio is steps to the sand and surf and it is Maddux's first visit to the shore!

I have a lot of plans for the next few days including wrapping up some projects, dining with friends on 2 nights, taking a lot of naps, doing some shopping down in the Pearl with a new gal pal, reading my book and generally just relaxing.

I leave on Saturday to make the 5-hour trip to Ashland to meet the kiddos and hang out for a few days before making our way back to Portland.  Ashland is this quaint little town known for the Shakespeare Festival and great restaurants and shops.  One of my all-time favorite destinations, "Prize", will certainly be on my list to visit (and perhaps I can share some pics).

So if I don't have many posts or don't reply to emails, it is simply because I am in a blissful state of mind and getting some projects done.  :)

Have any fun plans with week?