eggs, walls, & wiffle balls...all things white:

The credit for the title of this post goes to the hubs...we were laying on the couch and I said "I need a cute title for a post about white...anything come to mind?"  He is just so darn useful :)

We have decided to take the plunge with white.  I never thought I would be the person to paint any wall white and I have always considered myself to be anti-white but lately I have been so drawn to any room with the palette that we decided to go for it.  Our family is being painted in a soft white as we speak from the Martha Stewart paint line.  As mentioned before in an earlier post, we bought a huge down-filled sofa that is kind of a yellow/golden color so I think the white will be lovely.  Also, it always seems so dark in there even with a light yellow wall color now that I hope the white will dramatically brighten it up. 

I am hoping to have the entire space transformed within 1 month so I will be sure to share the details as they come.  I also ordered some pillows from Etsy, a rug from West Elm (back ordered until the end of April) and also have so other tricks up our sleeves...lets see if they work out :)  They don't always!

image sources can all be found here.