Cabinet eye-candy...

Ladies, I will be honest with you.  I love a good glass-front cabinet.  I am so drawn to them for some odd reason.  I love the storage, design factor, a place to display your goodies and "story objects", and the massive size that can add character to any space. 

My mom has this great cabinet that she keeps all of her prized and antique folded quilts in so the colors pour out of the glass and it seems to fill the room with that "collected" feel that we can be drawn to.  I always find myself with a glazed-over look staring at it every time we visit their beach house. :)

Alas, I have been looking around for a good cabinet lately and must continue my search since I haven't found it yet.  However, I would be pleased as punch to take one of these ladies home with me and fill with goodies. 

Have a great rest of your week lovelies!