Family room details...

So sorry for the radio silence the last few has been crazy with family pictures, a wonder Mother's Day, the beautiful weather, vet appointments, and general life craziness! :)

I wanted to give you a breakdown on some of our facts and finds from our Family room project.

Mostly everything was thrift finds and great random deals but we are happy to report the entire room cost under $475 (including the paint and supplies)!!  

Now, some of these items were pulled from other places in our house but I can recall the prices and where we found them, so here is the breakdown:


Sofa: $250 (down-filled and a lovely light golden color)-bought at a close-out sale at the local retailer that was going out of business.  We also sold our old sectional for $250 on Craigslist so it ended up being an even swap!

Multi-print pillows:  $29.95 each at Anthropologie in the pillow bargain bins

Coral-striped pillows: $10 each from HomeGoods

Black and white pillows:  $24/pair from "Posh Street Pillows" from Etsy

Framed vintage map print: $24.99 from Goodwill

Green streetcar print: $25 from a thrift shop in St. John's neighborhood, Portland

White decorative box: $19.99 from HomeGoods

Small print in top/middle: $4.99 from Salvation Army

Wooden mirror: $70 from Anthropologie (wicked 50% sale)

Purple rug: $119 from HomeGoods

Rustic coffee table: $24.99 from Goodwill

Black lamp shade: $19.95 from Anthropologie

Paint color: Martha Stewart's "Glass of Milk"

Wooden shelf/box: $30 made from Home Depot supplies.  Basically we built a 3-sided box from 8 foot planks that we stained and then set it on and attached it to 3 shelf bars that we spaced out 36 inches on the wall behind the sofa.  Sturdy and stunning (we would like to think).


Hope you have all had a great week so far (what am I saying...its only Tuesday!)  Feels like it should be Friday.  :)