gonna say it again...

I just love this etsy shop!  I have mentioned it before here but this shop still makes my heart flutter.  Previously known as "Every Eskimo" and now transformed to "Oh, Albatross", this shop has the knack of finding the most beautiful old industrial goodies around!  I love everything!

The eye candy is more than I can bare most of the time, and little sounds of squeaks and sighs always come out of my mouth looking at these amazing things.

I like to think my style in turning towards cozy and collected industrial, and this Etsy shop always fits the bill on fun finds to place around the home.

Check out the newest items here.

In other fun news, Thursday is our family picture day!!  We take pictures once a year with a great photographer in a fun location and they become my little treasures.  Jeremiah thought it would be the perfect Mother's Day gift...nice job honey.  We found a great location and a new photographer and we are looking forward to some nice new pics to add to our little gallery wall.

Also, Jeremiah and I are getting all dolled up on Friday and going to the opera!  That's right!  Us...the Opera!  Looking forward to a nice night out with the hubs.  

Hope you are all having a great week!!