birthday boy...

Today is Jeremiah's 34th birthday!  We had a blast celebrating and reminiscing about our life 6 years ago...see, a little over 6 years ago we were pleased as punch to find out we were pregnant with our first little one (Paetyn).  Jeremiah thought it would be a fun birthday gift to get the ultrasound on his birthday revealing the sex of the munchkin.  So, 6 years ago today we discovered our little one was a little gal and we were over the moon.  One of the few times I have seen Jeremiah tear up...still not sure if it was out of happiness or fear of a little girl :)

So sitting in the restuarant as we did 6 years ago (stunned with the news that we would soon have a little gal) and sitting in the very same restaurant tonight (this time stunned that not only do we have Paetyn who is going to be in kindergarten soon, but now we also have been blessed with our little man as well). 

It seems like ages ago...and now we have more adventures to come!!!  We are so excited for the possibilities around the bend.  Who knows???  Wonder what we will be reflecting on 6 years from now? :)

Best wishes to you and yours!