Well-loved {thrift}: latest finds....

Kenny Rodger's "The Gambler" record cover already on Maddux' record wall

We had 10 things to get done over our nice 3-day weekend and we accomplished everything by Monday morning.  So how did I treat myself?  By thrifting Monday afternoon!  These are a few things I have found over this weekend and over the past few weeks and haven't shared yet.  Check out our finds:

1970's industrial small-parts caddy

Acorn-shaped treasure box

2 piece brass pear canister (10 inches tall)

Vintage shoe horns?  I dunno...but ultra cool I think!

Vintage Fisher Price schoolhouse (I think I had this as a kid!)

Taxidermy stuffed-animal horse that can hang on the wall (going in P's room)

Vintage weather indicator

Underwood vintage adding machine (needs to be cleaned up a bit)

Vintage metal card catalog drawers

Framed butterfly