Getting to know you (part deux)...

Hello!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)  We did this post last year and thought it was time to revisit it again because it was an all-time favorite for me.  I asked everyone in the fam the same list of questions and had a lot of fun with the answers:

"Favorite color:  Pink.
Favorite sport:  Golf.
Favorite thing to do:  Play hide and go seek with my family.
Favorite song:  Cow Jumped over the Moon.
Favorite animal:  Unicorn.
Favorite tv show:  My Little Pony.
Favorite movie:  Monster House.
Favorite place to go:  Sophie's house.
Favorite food:  Spaghetti and meatballs.
Favorite book:  Frog in the Bog on a log.
Favorite thing about Maddux:  He always acts silly.
Favorite thing about Dad:  He always makes silly faces at me.
Favorite thing about Mom:   She is very kind.
Favorite number: 77"

"Favorite color:  Purple.
Favorite sport:  Running.
Favorite thing to do:  Play crash cars with my Hotwheels.
Favorite song:  Twinkle twinkle little star.
Favorite animal:  Giraffes, elephants, and monkeys.
Favorite tv show:  Little Einsteins.
Favorite movie:  Cars 1 and 2.
Favorite place to go:  Michelle's house.
Favorite food:  Cars macaroni and cheese.
Favorite book:  Snuggle Puppy.
Favorite thing about Paetyn:  She is good at peek a boo.
Favorite thing about Dad:  He plays crash cars with me.
Favorite thing about Mom:  She is good at hide n seek!
Favorite number: 5 (he seems to think everything wonderful happens when you turn 5 :)"

"Favorite color:  Green.
Favorite sport:  Baseball.
Favorite thing to do:  Golfing.
Favorite song:  Yellow Ledbetter.
Favorite animal:  Penguin.
Favorite tv show:  Intentional talk on M.L.B. Network.
Favorite movie:  Top Gun.
Favorite place to go:  The golf course.
Favorite food:  A good steak.
Favorite book:  The Rock's Autobiography.
Favorite thing about Paetyn:  Her independence.
Favorite thing about Maddux:  He is a snuggler.
Favorite thing about Lindsay:  She keeps me in line and pushes me to do better.
Favorite number: 14"

"Favorite color:  Coral/Orange
Favorite sport:  Baseball.
Favorite thing to do:  Play hide n seek with J and the kiddos.
Favorite song:  Right now..."Shake it out" by Florence + the Machine.
Favorite animal:  Orca whales.
Favorite tv show:  The High/Low project on HGTV.
Favorite movie:  Horrible Bosses :)  (makes me giggle just thinking about it).
Favorite place to go:  J's and I special date spot (its a secret) :)
Favorite food:  Steak, potato, and fried zucchini.
Favorite book:  Hunger Games series.
Favorite thing about Paetyn:  Her genuine mixture of sassy-ness and kindness.
Favorite thing about Maddux: His sensitivity and love of snuggles!
Favorite thing about Jeremiah: He is my best friend and loves me even at my absolute worst.
Favorite number: 22!"