Photo drool (long time-coming!)...

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Hello all!  Sorry that its been a while since my last post...we have a lot going on right now :)  
  • Paetyn started Kindergarten last week.  We did pretty well taking the bus the first few days and she loves her teacher so she is one happy little bug.  
  • Then it was school night/picnic/dance party/meet everyone and you won't remember their names night.  It was fun but chaotic with 300+ participants.
  • Paetyn's 6th birthday party is this coming weekend so we busy wrapping everything up.  
  • Also Maddux was accepted into the "Early Intervention" program through the public school system for speech therapy.  He is officially considered "special needs" which is hard to swallow so its been a draining and emotional few weeks.  Although we are so blessed that he can get the help he needs from a professional speech pathologist before he reaches kindergarten in two years.
  • I am wrapping up a major project at work for our first ever "Wellness Event" for our 300+ employees with 12 vendors participating and no budget to work with.  Pretty pleased with myself :)
  • We also took a last minute trip to Seattle yesterday for the Mariners game (we lost the game of course) but it was fun to get away for a day with just the hubs and reconnect about everything going on (without "Peppa Pig" and sippy cups involved). :)
A lot of good mixed with some bad.  But all in all we are pluggin' away and doing well.

We also have a lot of projects to share and I haven't even begun taking pictures of anything (eek) but I will give you some clues:
  1. A little project to bring in some green with old crates
  2. A solution for our entry way (FINALLY)!
  3. A new spot to put your feet up and relax (and its a dreamy gray color)
  4. Some fun birthday party ideas we can ACTUALLY use and have time for :)
  5. Some wicked finds at Goodwill (including a $14.99 gem with a lot of texture)
  6. A new bookcase which I swoon over every time I walk by it with some fun details
  7. We built a fence with our own hands!  
Whoosh.  I think I got everything :)  Hope you all had a restful few last weeks of summer!  Have a great day :)