P's hot air balloon cake how-to...

Hello all!  Hope you had a great weekend :)  We celebrated Paetyn's 6th birthday on Sunday and had a real blast.  30 of our closest friends and family joined us for a day of fun in the sun in a closeby park.  I wanted to share this fun cake we created for P's big day!

Paetyn picked the theme of her party months ago (she is a planner like her mother) and surprised us with a hot-air balloon idea.  I was delighted until I found out there is very little out there in the world of hot air balloons!  I looked high and low on Etsy, Anthropologie, Pinterest, and other blogs and didn't find anything that tickled my fancy.

So, I decided to venture out on my own.  I found some great hot air balloon wrapping paper (quite randomly) at PaperSource and cut out some balloons that we liked.  Then I took them to the local printer and had them color-copied on card stock (along with 2 additional plain sheets of cardstock for good measure).

I had the skewers from last year's Halloween party so all I had to get was some thick double sided tape and we were on our way.

Here is the breakdown:

1.  Cut out 2 exact copies of the hot air balloon (one with the print and one on plain white cardstock with no print):

2.  I taped the skewer on the plain white cardstock with regular scotch tape:

3.  Then I took the thick double sided tape/foam and stuck 2 pieces on top of each other on both sides of the skewer (I did 2 layers because the skewer was about that thick):

4.  Then I stuck the printed hot air balloon that we cut out squarely on top of the entire contraption.   And then we had a perfect hot air balloon worthy of a 6 year-olds birthday cake!

I also made a few balloons for the bottom of the cake (since there would be no place to insert a skewer on that level of the cake) so I used large metal paper clips.  I took the clip and unfolded it to an "L" and then taped the short side of the paperclip onto the back of the balloon allowing the longer end to be stuck in between the layers of cake:

We bought the double layered cake from our local Albertsons (for $18.99) with Paetyn's choice of cherry filling (which was delicious by the way) and partied on!  It was a blast :)

PS-see those crutches on the right?  Yup, those belong to the hubs right now :(