wind and rain....

It is officially fall here in Portland with the absence of sun, and consistent rain and wind outside the windows instead.  Autumn in Portland is beautiful, but I feel it usually stays a bit drier in past years and we've been able to enjoy the changing leaves, red cheeks, and crisp air a bit longer than this year.  Although I am happy to cuddle up inside with popcorn, hot chocolate, and "Nightmare Before Christmas" with the kiddos :)

Things are going really well around here...Paetyn is in full-swing at Kindergarten and really enjoys it.  She is learning so much and everyday she astounds us with new fun facts.  Our first parent/teacher conference in next Thursday, and we are anxious for the report.  Maddux is great and is loving speech therapy.  His teacher, Elsa, adores him and they have a lot of fun every week.  We have seen some small improvements, but we look forward to the next 2 years with Elsa so he can enter Kindergarten with confidence! :)

Halloween is fast approaching and I hate to say that the decorations aren't even up...bad mama!  We are painting pumpkins tonight but I have been a major slacker in the holiday department this year.  It just kinda snuck up on me.  Yikes.  I do however have their costumes...P is being a bumblebee and M is a dinosaur/dragon/alligator.  Whatevs.

In other exciting news, we are having our entire house interior painted on Monday!  I am so excited/ready/anxious for the change.  We have lived with these colors basically since we moved in 6 years ago and its time for a major update.  We are pumped (I can't really say Jeremiah even knows the colors I picked but he is just going with it like a good boy).  :)

The kiddos are also switching rooms...again!  But this time it's a surprise.  Bought and painted a new bed for Paetyn as a surprise and her room is going a light pink.  Maddux is going back to the room he was a baby in and I painted P's spindle bed black for him.  I ordered a few things from "Land of Nod" and Etsy for both of them and I look forward to pulling them out of hiding!  The kiddos have plans the entire day until 7pm so I am super pumped that they can return home to new and exciting spaces.  Should be an exciting week ;)

Hope all is well with you and yours!!!  Have a great weekend and a wicked Halloween!