Seldom does something happen in the news that impacts so many people and stirs a nation.  The events from last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary have given so many of us the opportunity to hug our children a little tighter and longer without hesitation.

I cannot begin to understand how the families and communities that have shaken this small Connecticut town can or will recover, but you been in our thoughts and prayers every moment of this last week. 

As a parent who just began to "relax" about sending our 6 year old to Kindergarten, I can't understand how the loss of a child could ever be overcome.  We were at our company holiday party at 10am when the news began streaming in on our phones about the Sandy Hook shooting, and my first phone call was to Jeremiah in tears who was about to get Paetyn off the morning Kindergarten bus.  

We hugged our children a little more these last few days, as all parents did, and relished that we were able to do that when many parents were not able.  It is ever parents worst nightmare, and I am so deeply saddened and sorry that anyone would have to endure such a thing, especially so close to the holidays.

To everyone in that community, you will not be forgotten and your children, coworkers, and family will always stay with us.