preggo pics at 22 weeks...

Hi all!  I got so many sweet and wonderful emails about our surrogacy post, many of which were requesting photos, so here ya go!  Please keep in mind that all day yesterday before the pics were taken I spent in Corvallis at a forever-long engineer forum and then made the 1.5 drive home in the dark and then had ice cream for dinner.  I kid you not.  Really.  So sorry for the crappy pics in the bathroom mirror, but it is what you get :) 

We haven't really done any preggo pics (for obvious reasons) but I want to have "something" to remember the process.  I am sure nicer pics will come along eventually, but for now here are the belly pics for my 22nd week.  Thanks for all the supportive and kind words many of you sent.  I heart you all!!
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