party planning...

I have felt a little lately that I needed a "project."  I want to keep my mind busy for the last trimester and I can't do anything too physical like work on any house projects or furniture till after I deliver.  Jeremiah came up with the sweetest idea and I give him 100% credit for it...our 10 year dating-anniversary is in September and he suggested we renew our vows and have a little party to celebrate.  At first I was a little stunned that he would think of that, but then he revealed that him and my friend Hannah had been thinking/planning for some time about it but it was just the project I needed after the babies come to stay busy.  So basically it breaks down like this:  Babies will probably be here by May 5th so it gives me a few months of major work to lose the baby weight.  Also, we are probably going to throw the shinn-digg in our backyard as of now, so it gives me a good amount of time to work in the garden, get a slight tan, keep busy, and enjoy the summer outside getting ready for the party.  It seems like a big win-win to everyone here :)  Here is a reminder of what our backyard looks like:

It is actually quite a big larger and longer than it looks in the photo, and we think we will have about 30 people total who will fit comfortably.  After thinking about it more and more, have a party in the backyard has so many benefits...power and control over decorations, food, restrooms, parking, and we can make it just the way we want vs. a space that we have to deal with constrictions.  Here are some lovely other gems that have made their way onto my pinterest board for more motivation:

Here's to having a fun party with our closest friends and family (clink)!