27 weeks preggo...

Hello all!  Preggo pics for those of you who are interested...27 weeks and progressing!  I will be 28 weeks on Saturday and things are defenitely moving along nicely.  I now have doctor appointments every 2 weeks and so far, so good.  Ideally, twins come after 32 weeks so just 1 month before we are in the "safe zone" and we can all breath a little easier (except for me because the baby boy likes to kick up in my ribs)! :)  Baby "A" (the girl) is breech so we are hoping she flips and stays in a good position until they are ready to come out!  Still working 30 hours a week at work which is nice and keeping me busy. 

What else?  Kids are great!!!  They started swimming again last week which they love, and then daddy joins them for open swim afterwards while I sit pool-side :). 

We also found a terrific preschool for Maddux for in the fall and we are officially on the list for the full day preschool program.  Because of his speech, we wanted a smaller classroom than what Paetyn had (20 students) and found a great program around the corner from us that has a maximum of 10 students per class.  Perfection!  He is really excited and loved the teacher.  It was one of those classrooms that you walk into and you just go "awh..." with all the cute little people items around :)

Paetyn reached her 100th day of school and is already excited for 1st grade.  We hit the playground over the weekend and let Tonka run around chasing the ball.  P made her way around the outside of the school showing Tonka all the doors that she uses throughout the school day.  Tonka had fun running after the gheese too that kept landing on the baseball field.

We have also been hitting some Winterhawks games and we have Blazer tickets for an upcoming game...certainly starting to embrace all the things that Portland has to offer now that the kiddos are old enough to be towed along and are actually interested :)

Nothing else going on that I can think of.  Hope all is well with you all!