32 1/2 weeks preggo...

Hello all!  So sorry for my lack of posts lately...I will fill you all in next week.  Here are my preggo pics for 32.5 weeks (I like to claim credit for that .5, ya know)!  The babies could really come at any time at this point and I am growing more and more anxious...mostly because I want my body back!!!

I have gained 21 lbs. all together so not shabby at all and I feel pretty good considering all things.  I am officially off work now until 6-8 weeks after delivery which makes life a bit easier to manage! :) My big adventure these days is walking Paetyn to the bus stop...and then coming home and taking a nap.  No kidding.  Lots of naps, baths, and Cherry Limeades from Sonic.  My parents were so kind enough to come and steal the kiddos to the beach during Paetyn's Spring Break so J and I had a couple of major chill days which included ordering movies and take-out.  Also, a great friend from work, Erin, came by and brought us all lunch on my first week off to give Jeremiah a break from cooking every meal.  Thanks Erin!!!

Jeremiah and the kiddos have been real troopers and help me out so much! Also, not many clothes fit me anymore, so I gave some stuff to my cutie friend Kelsey who is preggers with her first (a boy!) so I have been living in Jeremiah's pajamas and t-shirts.  When I do actually get dressed, I have only a few options left (this option in the pictures is a great little top from Anthropologie that happens to have the right cut to fit the tummy).  Gotta love Anthro.

I had lofty plans of blogging, reading, watching Downton Abbey during my time off but life changes so unexpectantly that I haven't had a lot of free time to do anything.  And when I do have time, I wanna nap :)  Not complaining, naps are awesome!

I have another appointment on Tuesday so hopefully we see some progression and we are on our way to any easy and uncomplicated delivery of twins.  Hopefully I can leave the hospital within 24 hours afterwards and then I can come and enjoy my own family knowing I have helped another family grow.

Ta ta for now!  Enjoy the rest of your week and the upcoming weekend!    

PS-Jeremiah and I know the baby names now....LOVE them!  But I can't spill the beans...sorry!