wonderful whites...

Holy Batman Portland!  It is 85 degrees here in Portland tonight so I am sitting on the back patio with the lap top and a icy cup of cranberry juice to blog.  This is the life!  We have spent so many hours outside this week at parks, on walks, in the back, and in the culdesac because the weather has been awesome here.  Tonight was the school carnival as well, so we hit it up for some games, snow-cones, cotton candy, and fund-raising which was fun.

Things are finally feeling calm again around here and I noticed that a lot of "white" has taken over my Pinterest boards so I thought I would share a few of my favs.  As mentioned before, I used to be anti-white so this is all still fairly new to me.  We have plans to put in a nice white subway tile on a wall in our kitchen (above the sink) and our family room is a nice creamy white but that may be all I can muster up for right now in the white-wall department.

We've have started our plans for the backyard and garage and enlisted some help for some of the projects.  Between J's recent surgery and the birth of the twins, we decided to take it a little easy and pay someone to help vs. us do it alone.

Also, this week is Jeremiah's 35th birthday and I have a lot of plans up my sleeve.  We have so much to celebrate, so we are going to really party this week.

Have a terrific weekend!

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