d.i.y: cake plates...

With summer fast-approaching and with a to-do list which seems could never possibly get done, we decided to take on a colorful project over the weekend that was fun for everyone :) 

I saw a fun idea on Pinterest using vintage glasses (or furniture legs) and hot-glueing them on the bottom of plates to make great cake plates.  I love cake plates, but they are usually expensive and I have only found colored ones on websites like BHLDN with a high price tag to match.  I also wanted to make some items that could be used for Paetyn's birthday party and our renewals so we gave it a go. 

We found a few cheap plates and glasses at Goodwill (all under $10), and used a hot glue gun, spray paint primer and high-gloss paint to create these little beauties.  What do you think?


With a price tag of under $6 each, I think they turned out pretty good.  We also got our renewal invites printed...likey?