nifty thrifties...

Hi!  Lately I have had a lot of luck thrifting.  I am keeping an eye out for renewal stuff/wedding rental items for my great friend Hannah who is starting her own business so that she can stay home with her beautiful daughter :)  My first find was this great vintage art easel pictured above for $30!  Can you believe it?  Me neither.  Here are some more fun finds (ps-everything was under $4 each)!

Vintage new love.  $1-$3 each
Brass apples...I am just drawn to these.  I found these on 3 different days at 3 different thrift shops :)  I am always going to keep an eye out for them now!

Cake plate!  $3.99

Another cake plate (love the gold rim)...$1.99

Last but not least I have been picking up vases and bud jars that have interesting shapes and no designs on them.  I have probably collected about 50 so far and all under $1 each!