week in pictures...

Hello all!  This week was really great and chaotic at the same time :)  I went back to work after having 12 weeks away, which was a little sad.  However it also meant that the entire pregnancy process was all wrapped up and time to get on with things!  The kiddos did really well while I was at home so they needed to adjust a little to me going back to work.  Things are good and I was glad to see all my work pals again after so long. 

We tried to cram in a lot my last week.  Check it out:

And...I also ended up moving the armoire back into the living room.  Funny thing:  I tried to move it by myself and got 'pinned' into a corner with it and couldn't get out!!  I had to open a window and call outside for the kiddos to get Jeremiah out of the backyard to help me.  Let's just say it took a lot of negotiating to get him to help me out of my bind :)  This is how it looks as of now:

Hope you have a great rest of your week!