Have you heard of these things?  I first read about them here on one of my daily blog reads and then I was thrilled to find the recipe printed in the Oregonian newspaper!  They are all the rage and my hubs was kind enough to give em' a go!  On Sunday when I stole the kids away to Multnomah Falls Jeremiah whipped these up...don't they look yummy?  They are a combination of croissant dough and the idea of donuts (with a custard filling and lemony glaze).  They were pretty sweet and filling...even the donut holes could fill a sweet tooth's' tummy!  Let's just say the plate is now gone (including a little elf who came over to our house in the middle of the day to drop some stuff off and stole 1 or know who you are...HANNAH!)  :)  The recipe is pretty in-depth so if you want it send me an email at and that will give me an excuse to type it all up! :) 

Hope you are having a great week all!
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