bar essentials...


As you may have been reading on L&F I am starting a little "bar" project and Design Sponge had a great essentials bar list posted.  That pink little ditty above is also a free poster download perfect for above a little bar.

These are the items I am going to start looking for:
Rocks Glass – Sometimes all you want is some nice whiskey and ice. These glasses are perfect for that and cocktails like the tried-and-true old fashioned.
Wooden Muddler – Wooden muddlers are perfect for crushing herbs and mixing together cocktail ingredients. Don’t think about making a mojito without one!
Jigger – Measuring about 1.5 fluid ounces, a jigger is a surefire way to get your alcohol quantities right when making cocktails. Typically, one end of the jigger holds a standard shot, and the other side some fraction or multiple of that.
Paring Knife – If you want to get really fancy and add twists of fruit or citrus to your drinks, this is a must-have.
Bitters – An alcohol that is infused with herbs and known for its better flavor, bitters is an essential ingredient in a number of cocktails.
Three-piece Shaker – Used for shaking cocktail ingredients together and, if used with ice, quick cooling. A three-piece shaker contains a strainer and a cap that can be used as a measuring tool.
Mixing bar spoon – With a slender, extra long handle, bar spoons are a great way to combine ingredients in tall glasses. They also look a heck of a lot classier than the typical kitchen variety.
Mixing glass – A mixing glass can be used on its own or in combination with a shaker and oftentimes features drink measurements imprinted on its side.
Highball Glass – Most often used for a alcoholic spirits and non-alcoholic mixers, a highball glass typically contains 8-12 fluid ounces.
Assorted straws – Sometimes a straw is the finishing touch that your cocktail needs! Keep a number of different sized straws in your bar for various cocktails.
Cocktail Picks – Great for keeping a grip on martini olives, mini pickles, cherries, or any other cocktail garnish.
Coupe glass – Designed for the drinking of champagne in 1663, the coupe glass can also be used for daiquiris and Prohibition-era cocktails like Manhattans and Corpse Reviver No. 2s.
Ice Bucket – When making any sort of cocktail, ice is an absolute must. Have one of these on hand to avoid constant trips to the freezer.
Strainer – If you’re mixing a lot of solid ingredients that you don’t want ending up in your final cocktail, a strainer is a good tool to have on hand.