meet Oreo....

Meet our newest member of the family=Oreo!  The night when the kiddos were having their sleepover downstairs, I went to check on Penelope and there she was.  Not moving.  Not breathing.  No longer living.  Poor little thing.  I quickly called Jeremiah at work with a "Code Red!"  We let the kiddos know about Penelope and then moved onto some other pet options. Of course everyone ganged up on me for a new puppy, but I stood my ground and told Paetyn about "Panda-bear Hamsters" and then she turned to team-hamster very quickly.  Aren't they cute???  And low maintenance=mommy happy.  Paetyn named her Oreo and she is a cutie.  Very calm, no biting, and isn't afraid of Tonka which is hilarious.  They have staring contests...I can't tell who the winner is but we will just call it a 'draw' as to not hurt anyone's feelings! We think she is a great new addition :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!! 
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