this week in pictures...

Hello friends!  It was a great week here...beautiful weather here in Portland, wrapping up plans for P's birthday and the renewals, errands galore, work is great, and kiddos are growing like weeds.  We had a huge pile of rock delivered a few weeks ago that we put around the patio in the backyard and along the sides of yard which looks nice, and now we are onto the dirt pile delivered yesterday :)  Also Jeremiah made a horse-shoe pit in the backyard...I am not good at horseshoe throwing.  Need some alcoholic beverages and practice :).  We also got a new front door and hardware (more on that soon with the details) and also a fun new stain-glass project.  Along with preschool picnics, parent-teacher meetings for first grade, and times with awesome old and new friends.  Its going to be a great fall here!

(This last pic of the writing was P's note to the tooth fairy :)  Gotta love her.)
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