guest room dilemma...

I have a 'guest room dilemma'...we have this cute little room ready to decorate and find furnishings for but it is far from what I imagine right now. 

We have a few things going for this room right now:
  • It fits a queen-size bed and a large dresser and/or chair
  • Has a nice little window that looks out to our front porch
  • Is already painted a great grey color that I have no intention of painting over
  • We don't really need the space for storage and/or anything other than a place for sleep
  • I have a lovely West Elm duvet that I plan to use and already own
  • There is already an overhead light in the room that I could replace
  • It's a blank slate

Things NOT going for it:
  • It is teeny-tiny.

So, I am looking for bedroom inspiration to help motivate me over this long weekend to buckle down and make it a room to be proud of.  Here is what I have found so far:

I will keep you updated, but I feel as though nothing productive will be happening this nice long 4-day sleepy weekend :)