Hi all!  I know the place we got Meg from had a special little connection with her and they check the blog for updates, so here goes the last few weeks:
  • She has doubled in height since we got her!
  • She is doing wonderfully with Tonka and the kiddos
  • She is officially deaf...we have made some adjustments including a bell for around her collar since we can't really "call her" so at least we always know where she is :)
  • She had eye surgery last weekend and it went extremely well...she had "inverted lashes" which were majorly irritating her poor little blue eyes.  We also got her spayed, and had a chip put in (just in case we ever lose her)
  • She is in puppy training class which Jeremiah takes her to and she is the best-behaved puppy there...I swear!
  • She is doing wonderful and is a great addition to our family (although she LOVES to pee on my favorite Dwell studio duvet!  She only pees on that item in our entire house.  Erg)
We love her much and she is certainly keeping us on our toes.  :)