week in pictures/Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our peacock and hammerhead shark ;)  It's so funny that Paetyn used to have this awkward smile, and now Maddux has it!  It's a mix of Frankenstein/deer in headlights.  Not really sure why I can never get a great picture of them both, but hey, that's parenthood.  :)

Our week here was good and trick-or-treating was our highlight of course.  Jeremiah had to close on Halloween, so I was on my own this year to brave this crazy candy-holiday solo with the kiddos.  We also had a Fall Harvest party at the church, snuggle time with the kiddos, a trip to the local Fire house, Wheel-of-Fortune head to heads on the kindle, play dates, pumpkin carving, and Connect-4 tournaments.  We are also starting to get ready for Maddux's 5th birthday HotWheels party in a few weeks.

Hope you all had a festive and safe Halloween :)