Our Valentine's pup...

Look what we discovered on Meg in time for Valentine's Day!?!  It was a little thrilling to us to find a heart-shaped Dalmatian spot on her cute little face :)  She has WAY more spots than she did a few months ago, so I wanted to make sure to get it on camera before it changes (if it does).  We thought it was pretty special :)

I am tuckered out from making 45 homemade Valentine's Day cards for the kids and all their pals.  We did this idea from Pinterest:

But...when I downloaded the format it printed out all blurry :(  So we made up our own version which actually has a heart in the middle which the kiddos got to color at their hearts' content for each friend.  We broke it up into two evenings (so we could avoid any coloring-exhaustion breakdowns) but I think they turned out pretty cute. I got all the supplies at the $1Store including the cardstock and glow bracelets.  Score!  Hopefully I can share before Friday. 

Have a great week!