guest room update...

I finally got everything wrapped up in the guest room!  We are lucky with this house in a few ways because it offers a ton of storage options.  So, the guest room only needs to act as a guest room and nothing more.  

I have been seeing the plank walls everywhere these days so decided I wanted to incorporate that in somehow.  The room is very small and the beginning/endings of walls are very odd to me, so I knew we couldn't do a whole plank wall.  We decided to build a plank wall headboard (it was my first experience with a compressed nail gun = I am hooked). 

The room gets very little light (it only has that small window and a ugly light fixture that I did not switch out) so we added a few Ikea lamps that swing and are perfect for our overnight guests who enjoy a good book.  It also saves a ton of valuable floor space without having to have nightstands on either side of the bed.  The swiss dot gray bedding (pillowcases and duvet) are from West Elm.  I found the cute coral blanket from Target, the art from Etsy, and the wood nightstand is from West Elm too.

For the closet, I planned on finding a piece of furniture (preferably a dresser) but I couldn't find anything in the right shape/size so we decided to just add some functional shelves. We are storing some extra sheets, pillows, and tubs of the kiddo art supplies in there.  Pretty simple and easy.  We have a set of doors to add back on :)

I am excited to have the room wrapped up and can't wait to have some visitors :)