Paetyn room update...

Here are a few facts about our darling daughter, Paetyn:  She will not be told what to do.  She will not be told what she likes.  She is smart as a whip (and knows it).  And she will be not be "talked into" anything.  She is 7 years old.  She is hilarious and acts as though she is 22 years old. 

Paetyn decided it was time for a room update.  After all, 7 is WAY more grown up than 6.  She loves it when I change things around in her room and always notices every little update.  We decided to pull the shelves upstairs that were in the guest room and would no longer fit in the room.  She picked out some patterned baskets from Land of Nod which we ordered and while we were perusing Pinterest she fell in love with an Anthropologie shower curtain.  I asked my mom if we could make a shower curtain into a quilt and she said "SURE!  Why not?"  So we ordered the shower curtain ( this one after searching for the fabric equaling in an epic fail ) and then we were on our way to a new room.  My parents were here this weekend so we buckled down and made it happen.

P's room is very small (the smallest in the house) and we painted it a very light pink...almost cream at certain times of the day.  It may seem weird to push her twin bed in from of the bookcase, but somehow it works.  I swear it does.  The shelf doesn't actually serve a huge purpose other than hold some toys and books, so it is nice to have it tucked behind the headboard with a perfect spot for her favorite little treasures.

Paetyn insisted that we take some pictures of the room for the blog, so here are just a few: