Cabinet, anyone?...

So, I definitely have the "builder-bug" after the headboard so now I am moving onto a large project that is probably WAY over my head.  I work at a molding, mill work, and door company which supplies anything you could really need to remodel your existing home or build a new one!  Now that I am more comfortable in my role, I have a little more time to learn about all the products that we offer.  I didn't really know what was all available (all the doors, mill work and molding types, railing, shelving, mdf...).  The world of this stuff is endless!  I built the headboard from all products I got at work, and with a nice little employee discount available it makes it a little easier to take on new projects.  

So,  when I saw a few interior doors in the trash pile at work my wheels starting turning.  I snagged them up before I even had a plan, and then got 4 more :/  I know, I am a little nuts.  So, in our garage right now I have a half-finished kitchen table and 6 doors.  Yikes!  

My plan is to make a few cabinets (3 sets of doors and each set is unique=3 totally different cabinets!!!)...I am sure one of them will fall over, and one will lean, so hopefully by the third one we will have a winner!  They all need major prep work and obviously a bunch of materials, but I think they will be some good summer projects.   Here is some more inspiration I gathered up:

Any advise on this?  Have you ever worked on anything like this before?  Email me at:  Thanks!!