Hi friends!  I am sorry for being so absent lately but I have felt a little "burned out" and just wanted to spend some time reconnecting with Jeremiah and the kiddos on all these beautiful days in Portland.  There have been some sleepovers, baseball games in the cul-de-sac, park visits, dog training classes, an impromptu brunch at our house on Saturday for 10 friends this past Saturday (yikes!), and countless other things at work and school.  All is wonderful, but just thinking about our spring plans is making me tired.  Here is a list of all our spring happenings:
  • Jeremiah's birthday in a few weeks :)
  • We have booked a Seattle vacation with the kiddos that includes trapeezing, a Mariners game, and a whale-watching boat tour
  • Jeremiah just had his 1-year anniversary of his cancer surgery so we intend to party when he gets the all-clear
  • We are doing some fun updates to the kitchen and I already bought our kitchen table that is going to need some work...to say the least
  • Kiddos and I are going on a little road-trip in a few weeks to Ashland to spend the weekend
  • We get to see the twins this weekend at a breakfast so we can shower them with some 1-year-old birthday presents (hard to believe its already been a year!)
Plus, regular work-life for both us is crazy right now and there is no end in sight.  I am not complaining...just very tired and in the need for my major weekend nap!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying this lovely spring (wherever you may be)!