DIY...Paetyn's new armoire


Hi all!  Soooo sorry about the lack of posts lately, but we have been super busy here.  Last weekend the kiddos were at the beach with my parents for 4 days, so we spent it eating out, watching movies, hanging out with friends, plus countless other things.  I helped a friend with her garage sale, found some garage sale treasures of my own, took lots of naps and starting this huge cabinet project that we have been contemplating for months. 

So, we are pretty pumped with how it turned out!  We used the color "Pigeon" from Farrow & Ball's color index, which actually looks pretty good next the light pink wall color in her room.  As we have mentioned before, our kiddo rooms in this house are teeny-tiny, so any extra storage is great.  I got these doors (the 2 of them for $10 a piece) and then we started planning it all out.  We built it from scratch from pine and birch woods, and the entire cabinet was a total of $218.  Can you believe it?  And its huge!!! 

The person who cut the wood shorted the back side piece by 1.5 inches, so that's why there is a gap back there :)  We attached it to the wall, so the gap doesn't bother us to much but we may eventually eliminate it with some 1.5 x .75 inch mdf.  For now, we don't really care too much.  The cabinet as a whole is 87 inches tall and 61 inches wide and 18 inches deep, which is quite a bit larger than any cabinet we've been able to locate.   It sorta reminds me of the cabinet in "The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe" because its massive.  Later on, she can use it for clothes or whatever her heart contents.  She has already re-arranged everything, and its cute because she can barely reach the brass door handles.  We will maybe add some prettier hardware and molding eventually, but for now it works :)

It ended up being a bigger project than I had anticipated, so we will probably wait to build any more for a bit :)

Hope all is well wherever you are!  I took today and tomorrow off of work so I am enjoying a nice 4-day weekend and then I am working at a golf tournament on Wednesday, so this week outta fly by!  I am counting on it!  :)