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Happy birthday Meg!...

Hello all!  Sorry about the radio silence lately, but since it's been so nice here in Portland lately it's been difficult to sit down in front of a computer to do any posts :)  We got a new basketball hoop for the back yard, and put flowers into our front garden bed, and we have some other outdoor projects going on so we've been spending a lot of time outside in the sun. 

Also, Meg turns 1 today!  I couldn't believe that Jeremiah remembered it yesterday.  Now, we officially have two 7-year-olds in the house (Paetyn who is 7 years old, and Meg who is now 7 years old in dog years).

I am happy to report that I have all the materials for the cabinet/armoire I plan on making, and will hopefully make some headway this weekend.  Have a great week!