Why is it when you are dieting, the best looking foods come across your radar?  Seriously.  We are doing family pictures at the end of August, and I really wanted to get to my "ideal body" before that time, so Jeremiah and I have been really watching what we eat and participating in the 21-day Fix program.  We are on workout #4 and it. is. killer.

I gave up all my favorite things...chocolate, root beer, and laying around doing nothin.  It hasn't made a big difference yet, however I lost the Twix bar and cola weight.  But that only gets you so far, so that's where the workouts come in.  Its gone well, and since Jeremiah and I are doing it together, we can keep each other accountable.  Also, Meg does a good job of barking at us when we pause to rest or catch our breath.  Damn dog.

Anywho, all these beautiful foods are coming across my Pinterest boards and I needed a little inspiration to get to the end of August AND these foods are that for me.