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our 4th of July...

Hello all!  Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We may have had our best 4th yet :)  We had so much food, fun, and fireworks.  The day started off with Jeremiah playing golf with friends and the kiddos and I sleeping in (until 9:30am!  Oh, happy mama!).  Then we played some board games and ate lunch.  Then we all took naps (oh, happy mama again!). We ate some BBQ with some friends, played outdoor games, ate s'mores, and then enjoyed fireworks until way after dark.  It was a fantastic weekend and perfect from beginning to end. 

Maddux was NOT in the mood for pictures, so you won't see as many of him.  We don't mess with the "mayhem Maddux."  He comes around about once a year and he is not to be toyed with. :)

This is the look I get after asking Jeremiah to make me a 7th s'more...