new logo design...

Hi all!  I have gotten quite a few emails the last week or so about our new buffalo logo designed by IndieGrace from Etsy.  She was wonderful to work with!!!  I told her what I envisioned and she whipped it right up and made all the tweaks I needed to make it just right :)  I HIGHLY recommend her for any blog or logo project you may have!  :)

We had family pictures last weekend at Cannon Beach and we made a great day trip out of it.  Icecream, pizza, fudge, beach, giggles, dinner on the road home, and two asleep kiddos when we pulled into the driveway.  

It also helped create one of Jeremiah's and I favorite memories...Paetyn is going into 2nd grade this year and Maddux will be in Kindergarten.  Maddux is going to have the same teacher Paetyn did when she was in Kinder and Paetyn was giving him all sorts of advice about what to do and where to sit.  I don't think they knew we were listening, but it was getting really dark outside so all we could hear was their little voices from the backseat.  Maddux proclaimed at one point "I know how to spell DOG.  D-O-G!" and Paetyn was so excited and yelled "great job Maddux!" and then gave him a high-five (all we could hear was the clap of hands). Jeremiah reached over and squeezed my hand. It was awesome.

I have to say that I am pretty nervous that both my kiddos will be at school, but thrilled that they can start this new chapter together.  

Have a great holiday weekend!