a circus and 1st day of school...

Hi there!  A few weeks ago we hit the "greatest show on earth" (although the kids practically fell asleep) :)  We hit the circus on Sunday afternoon and this is the first time the kiddos have gone to the circus, and they were not easily impressed.  No clowns.  No clown cars.  No ballerinas with umbrellas.  Notta. 

But, they had some other entertaining things, but overall it was kinda a bust :( 

Also, we had another cutie to show off:

Our little man had his first day of Kinder!  He rides the bus with P in the morning and they always sit together :)  It's pretty cute, I have to say.  He likes his teacher and is overall happy although he fell asleep today at 3pm from the exhaustion of it all.  Its hard work being 5.

Hope all is well with you all!