10/10 challenge...

Hi there!  Jeremiah and I can sometimes get into a "food rut" like most families and we find ourselves falling into the routine of what is convenient and easy when it come to family meals.  We decided to start our own little challenge (10/10), which meant we wanted to try 10 new recipes in 10 days.  We got ourselves pretty pumped up on the genius of it all :).  We perused the endless recipes on Pinterest and picked out a combination of some breakfasts, dinners, and desserts that we thought we could all enjoy.

Now, I will be honest that Jeremiah does all the cooking around here and he was excited to try out all the new recipes, so it also only seemed fair that he writes all the posts as well!  This will be the first time he has ever written any posts, and he is pretty excited.  So, here is a glimpse of some of the foods we tried.  Not all of them worked.  Some of them epically failed.  So, join us as the review some of the most popular recipes floating on the internet right now.  Here are the recipes we chose, and we will start in a few days sharing.

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