10/10 challenge...#1

Ten recipes in ten days...What better way to start our journey of trying ten new recipes than with breakfast? After all it is the most important meal of the day. So, we woke up early Saturday morning and made French toast banana sandwiches and they turned out absolutely...ok. If you really like fruit as a main ingredient in your breakfast than they were pretty good. However, if you prefer fruit on the side then deconstruct the sandwich and eat it that way. That's what I did.

Making French toast with French bread worked great. You can choose the thickness of the bread and the crust was different than a typical loaf of bread. The one thing this meal needed was a crunch. Some toasted hazelnuts or chopped almonds on top of the French toast would have given it that extra kick it needed. If we are grading this recipe on how well the kids ate it, then it gets an "A." It's a fun way of eating breakfast with the bananas inside the French toast. And if the bananas
fall out then you just dip them in the syrup and eat them separately.

Then if French Toast Banana sandwiches aren't your thing, head over to McDonald's for their famous McMuffin sandwich.  Overall score from us:  C+.  Kiddo score: A.

Here is the original recipe if you would like to give it a go.  Good luck!


Ps-Linds loves our new vintage green-striped plates (pictured above).  Crazy lady.