10/10 challenge...#3 and #4

Ten recipes in ten days...Slow cooked cashew chicken. Tastes as good as it sounds. This was a basic recipe without the fillers such as carrots, celery, water chestnuts, etc. that you would find at your local Chinese take out joint. This was the nuts and bolts of the dish, a lot of chicken and a lot of cashews. Even better, place the chicken and sauce in the crock pot, step away for 6-8 hours, come back and throw some cashews in and voilĂ . I would change not a single thing about this recipe, it was awesome. The cook on the other hand that's a different story. We needed extra sauce and the chicken was overcooked a bit. All in all it turned out really well. We added a bit of brown rice to complete the meal and we went to bed full that night. And like true Chinese take out it was even better the next day. Well, I'm not sure about that, it didn't make it to the next day, that's how good it was. Our kids love cashew chicken so I was sure this would be a hit.  I was wrong. I guess this was an adult recipe.  Find the original recipe link here.

#4...Fried cauliflower. I'm not a cauliflower lover, but if it's fried I'm at least trying it. Probably trying it at least twice. In this case I ate an entire plate full. It was meant to be an appetizer, but it was a good side dish with our grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Panko crumbs and parmesan cheese crusted fried cauliflower. I've come to the conclusion that if you coat anything with the mixture of panko and parmesan cheese and fry it, it will be the best thing you've eaten that day. Hands down. Now since this is for our family we have to grade it on how well the kids liked it. They didn't even try it. Lindsay and I didn't mind because that left more for us. The only down fall of this recipe is the prep time and cook time seem long. Since you need to eat these while they are hot or at least warm, you either need to cook in batches or eat in shifts. Or don't make as many.  Original link for recipe can be found here!