10/10 challenge...#6 & #7

10 recipes in 10 days...Homemade corndog muffins. The pictures don't do them justice, because they were excellent. The recipe calls for "all beef" hotdogs and I think I know why. The saltiness of the dogs go well with the sweetness of the muffins. Although you can use regular hotdogs if you want the all beef ones taste better I think. We used both regular and all beef. The kids will not know the difference and will eat them anyway. Like I said the pictures don't do them justice, but they are delicious. They make a great after school snack (you can reheat them and they taste almost as good), a party snack, or even as lunch. Kids and Adults grade: Solid B+.  We partnered them with our famous cinnamon apples and it was a great lunch for everyone.  Recipe here!

Ten recipes in ten days...French dip sandwiches. Slow cooked roast, homemade au jus, provolone cheese, hoagie roll, fries on the side, my mouth is watering again typing this. The entire family loved this meal in their own way. Maddux wanted his meat on the side, no cheese, and jelly on his hoagie roll. Paetyn ate hers without the cheese. Lindsay opted for one slice of provolone and I went with two slices. Looking back I should have gone with three slices only because the lean cut of meat came out a bit dry even with dipping it in the au jus. The au jus was the star of the meal in my opinion. Soy sauce, worshtersire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, a couple of bay leaves, and BAM! homemade au jus! Grading this meal was easy, another "A". Those "A's" are hard to come by with these new recipes.  Also, Linds isn't big on "leftovers" so when she packed these up for the next days' lunch, you know its a winner!  Her favorite recipe so far for sure!  Original recipe found here.