10/10 challenge...#8 and #9 (a couple of failures)

10 recipes in 10 days...Maple ginger glazed pork tenderloin. My mouth waters just saying that. We had such high expectations for this dish after seeing the original recipe and pictures. They say, "shoot for the moon, because even if you come up short you may be swinging from the stars." We shot for the moon, but we used a bb gun instead of a rocket. We fell short. That's saying it nicely. There are some key things you need to know. We followed the recipe exactly. Exactly. We cooked the pork at the right temperature and for the right amount of time. Our failure is that we should have used a thermometer. When we took the pork out I thought it was undercooked so we put it back in. Who knows, maybe it was ok? We'll never know because we did do a temperature check. At least no one got sick. The glaze...when a recipe says to reduce the liquid it needs to be more precise. Reduce it to what kind of consistency?  Liquid? Pancake batter? We reduced it alight, to the consistency of pudding right before you put it in the fridge to set. It didn't taste good at all. After all was said and done the pork came out ok, the kids ate it. The glaze was awful, due to the inexperience of the cook. The oven got so hot we broke the dish the pork was cooking in. The green beans came out pretty good. Kids grade: B Adults grade: F.  Hopefully you have better luck than us!  Recipe is here.

PB banana bon bons. These little things are awesome! Slices of banana with a smooth layer of peanut butter in between and then coated with chocolate and rolled in crushed peanuts. The only thing that would make these little guys better would be if they turned out. Ever try holding slices of banana and trying to spread peanut butter on? Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. We chilled them so they would be a little firmer and stand up to the spreading of the pb. They didn't stand up too well. We must have used inferior bananas. We didn't let that discourage us, me and the kids got through them all and made a dozen or so pb banana sandwiches with toothpicks helping to hold them together and to help with dipping in the chocolate. When it was time we used a double boiler to melt the chocolate. It worked well. Until we dipped the bananas. The chocolate thawed the bananas too quickly and they fell off the toothpicks. After getting a couple of them rolled in the chocolate I thought we were good to go. Do you know what happens when you add water (the bananas that were frozen and then thawed released some water) to melted chocolate? The chocolate seizes. I ended up with a big ball of unusable chocolate. I threw the towel in, gave up, and let the dogs eat slices of banana with pb in between. Kids grade: I (incomplete) Adults grade: F (willing to try again though) Dogs grade: A.  Recipe can be found right here.

epic fail(ures).