happy holidays!...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a nice chill Christmas eve eating our favorite stew and playing Pictionary with my parents.  This morning the kiddos slept in until 8 (yay!) and then we opened presents, ate our traditional Christmas morning breakfast, and then waited until Jeremiah's parents got here before we took our Christmas nap and Jeremiah is out right now picking up some dinner.  Perfect day.

My last day at work was yesterday, and although my stomach is full of butterflies I am feeling really grateful and excited about my new adventure.

Also, since I have a birthday on January 1st and lots of goals for the new year, we have decided to actually write out a list of the things we want to get done in 2015.
  • We are re-doing our kitchen!  We are going to paint our existing cabinets and update the countertops, hardware, backsplash, etc.  We have made all the choices and now we just need to take the plunge.
  • I am getting my hair chopped!  Can't wait to show off my new look.
  • I am traveling to Alaska and Europe in the new year (dates TBD).  I love to travel and since J isn't a big traveler, I have found pals to go with and we are pumped!
  • I know it sounds funny, but I don't know anything about makeup.  :(  I have always relied on friends to help me with big parties or family pictures, but I think its about time to learn it myself.  I mean I am 36 years old.  Seriously.  But don't worry, I have a plan :)
  • More Oregon adventures!  We have lots of plans for adventures in the new year:  kayaking, whale watching, and more. We are excited!!! 
So, we are signing off for the rest of the year!  Raise your glass to 2014 and raise it up even higher for 2015!