the best laid plans...

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo strangers!  So sorry about our slacking unforgiving inexcusable disappointing absence from blogging lately. My bad. 

My new job is going fantastic but it is all-consuming and by time I get home and do kiddo homework, baths, dinner, snuggles, bed-time...I am exhausted!  It's no excuse because everyone has their "stuff" but I am feeling the "burn" as in "burn-out." Plus, I am traveling next week which always seems like a lot more work BEFORE the trip than the actual trip.  However, just thinking about this upcoming 3-day weekend and this great weather that Portland is having has me charged up :)

Also, L&F is getting a little update. So, if things look a little funky in the next week or so, my apologies. 

We finished all our house-changing plans which is a lot of work...but so much fun!  We are re-doing the...
  • Master Bathroom including take a wall out, black hexagon floor tiles, a new double-vanity and a BARN DOOR!  I. am. so. excited! 
  • The kiddo and guest bath are getting pedestal sinks, the same black hexagon tiles, and a general little re-do.  Nothing major but just a refresher.
  • Paetyn is getting a little room refresh with a new vintage bed (love it already) and we got her a cute $20 desk that will also get re-finished, a new rug from Land of Nod, and some cute new art.
  • Maddux is getting a fun new bed.  Can't wait to share it!
  • We got a quote from a landscaper for the backyard and we are good to go!  They are going to re-do the entire back patio which has gone to total sh*# the past few years and now the kids want to spend even more time out there now that we got a basketball hoop, so no more excuses!  We need a new back fence, landscaping, a fire pit, and lighting.
  • And the kitchen is getting a new facelift with a white acrylic countertop from Ikea, a re-paint of the cabinets in a olive green, and new hardware and backsplash.  
I figured if I wrote these down, I could commit to each of them for 2015.  We are well on the way with the planning alone being done and the funds ready, so it's simply making the time to get it done.  Luckily, we are not doing too much ourselves.

So, there it is.  Forever on the internet, so it has to be done and true, right?  :)  Have a great holiday weekend!