master bedroom refresh...


I found that recently I am gravitating more towards a 'mixed' look and as Paetyn would say "coloring outside the lines."  I am being drawn to the style of SchoolHouse Electric and their collected, and unconventional look.  I bought some of their pillowcases a few months ago (the white pillow case with dark green +'s on them) and wanted to go a little funky with them.  (Sorry for the crummy pics...I took them with my phone).

The dark green walls in our room are super moody (which I adore) but I needed a little brightness to the bedding and found the pale peach sheet set at Wayfair.   The lamp is from Target and I was lucky enough to find 2 on clearance and then replaced the white shades with these gray herringbone ones that I had on our old brass lamps.   

I found the posters at Paxton Gate here in Portland for $5.95 (I got another one with butterflies for the other side of the bed) and got the frames for $20 each from Ikea.

The cute little wooden box is from Goodwill for a measely $2.99 and so is the shiny brass apple.

Not entirely sure it will stay this way but for now it will do.  And this is what it looked like 2 minutes later: