Giani Granite substitute...

A few weeks ago we got a quote on our kitchen counter tops.  Now keep in mind we have a pretty small kitchen and the quote came back at $6000!  Holy snikies!  My mouth about fell to our ugly laminate kitchen floor, but I digress.  In frustration, I took to the web and got some ideas on how to pretty up your kitchen on a major budget.  Now, we were going to do our kitchen moderately anyways including a coat of paint for the cabinets, some reasonable hardware, new counter tops, subway tile back splash and then down the road, re-doing all the main level flooring including the kitchen floors.  

I will be honest that I don't care too much about finishes and kitchen just aren't my thang.  Yeah, a nice kitchen can stop you in your tracks but one of those kitchens a.)  isn't in our budget b.)  doesn't really fit our house style and c.) we don't want to go crazy on a remodel that puts our house out of the re-sell budget in our neighborhood.  Thus meaning $6k counter tops are out of the question.

While pa-rousing the web, I found the product Giana Granite which seemed like a great short-term fix to our problem.  We currently have laminate counter tops and they are U-G-L-Y.  So I ordered 2 cases of the Sicilian Sand color and are aiming to try and get it done by end of the week.  Cross your fingers for us!!!  You can also use their products in bathrooms which could be awesome for a bathroom reno on a major budget.

Here are some other great pictures of their products (they also have cabinet paint and appliance paint):

We will share our results with you fine people :)  Have a great weekend!!!